10:15 justinreeve : looks like they're talking about student blogging
10:16 justinreeve : shameless plug: http://blog.weber.k12.ut.us/jreeve/why-teachers-should-encourage-students-to-blog/
10:16 mrsdurff : what was your first guess?
10:16 justinreeve : add to the VoiceThread, too, if you want
10:16 cnelson-2 : Since I have finally muted, someone let me know if audio revives itself.
10:16 mrsdurff : well i have coffee to get - ciao
10:16 justinreeve : why is it every time I try to make a VoiceThread, I sound goofy?
10:16 justinreeve : I'm not cut out to be a public speaker, that's for sure
10:18 loonyhiker : @justinreeve great post. i left a comment
10:18 justinreeve : thanks!
10:18 lnitsche : Yea- I'm Baaack!
10:18 justinreeve : I really want to try pushing student blogs on teachers this year
10:19 lnitsche : Try refreshing to see if the audio comes back
10:19 justinreeve : It seems our district doesn't yet have a general policy about teacher-student social networking/blogging/commenting/etc. This might be a good thing, because it means there's room to influence the decision-makers before they just make a blanket decision "no social networks/blogs/anything"
10:19 loonyhiker : no, refreshing didn't work for me
10:20 loonyhiker : i reloaded the video and then refreshed the whole page
10:20 lnitsche : ok, cheking connections
10:21 lnitsche : we are Skyping in Zach Chase from SLA in Phila to talk about his blogs
10:22 lnitsche : Can you hear now?
10:22 fsinfo : yeah
10:22 loonyhiker : much better!!!
10:23 lnitsche : cool!
10:23 lnitsche : can you hear zach?
10:23 somotch8-2 : Yeah audio is back!
10:24 cnelson-2 : Thank you LInda
10:24 loonyhiker : yes i can hear him
10:24 cnelson-2 : where is Zack--at his home?
10:24 lnitsche : It looks that way!
10:25 jabernethy-1 : hey guys...sound is back!!!
10:25 justinreeve : For those who have student blogs in your school or district, do you use an outside service, or do you insource the blogs?
10:25 jabernethy-1 : insource??
10:25 somotch8-2 : I use an outside source called Think.com
10:26 justinreeve : I didn't realize Think.com provided student blogs
10:26 somotch8-2 : we are globally connected as well
10:26 somotch8-2 : our tcis set them up for the entire school along with teacher blogs
10:27 lnitsche : @somotch8-2 So how active are your teachers and students in blogging?
10:27 somotch8-2 : we just finished our first year. 4th grade was active and first grade just started
10:28 somotch8-2 : my students are still active at the moment and still blog
10:28 somotch8-2 : teachers took a little longer to get started
10:28 lnitsche : Are the teachers blogging for their classes, parents, outside world?
10:29 justinreeve : most of our teachers are just blogging as a place to dump assignments
10:29 justinreeve : it's a good start, but they could be doing more
10:29 somotch8-2 : just for their class and parents
10:29 lnitsche : Have the parents become involved in replying and commenting?
10:29 justinreeve : Yes! Not too frequently, but they do.
10:29 somotch8-2 : my students post their ppts projects for me to view
10:30 justinreeve : Generally, the more active the teacher blogs, the more active the parents are.
10:30 cnelson-2 : @justinreeave think of that as the beginner level. Next will be the "showcasing of assignments."
10:30 justinreeve : *more actively
10:30 justinreeve : we have some teachers who do showcase quite a bit
10:30 cnelson-2 : I have a tecaher doing his that way http://mrgranito.edublogs.org
10:30 justinreeve : then the 3rd stage will be connecting on a global level and collaborating
10:31 lnitsche : @justinreeve Has your school set up policies to manage that?
10:31 justinreeve : @lnitsche Not specifically. Our district's Appropriate Use Policy might cover some of it, but not really.
10:32 justinreeve : This is why it's a good time to try to influence how future decisions are made regarding collaborative opportunities on the web
10:32 lnitsche : Or is it a scaffolding process that guides the students in learning how to respond effectively and appropriately
10:33 justinreeve : that's what we SHOULD be doing.
10:33 justinreeve : Sometimes rather than teach kids how to responsibly use the tools, we just ban them because we think it's "easier"
10:33 justinreeve : or we perceive that parents will be "against it" without even bothering to connect with them
10:34 lnitsche : Communication with all of the stakeholders is essential
10:34 justinreeve : on the other side, though, I understand why schools do it. The last thing we want is a big fat lawsuit because we didn't block some tool we "should have blocked" according to a group of parents
10:34 lnitsche : That's why it is important to engage the parents in commenting on your blogs too
10:34 justinreeve : Yes, it is.
10:35 justinreeve : Parents need to take a much more active role in their children's schools' technology
10:35 justinreeve : And schools are the ones who need to be encouraging this. Could start in PTA meetings.
10:35 justinreeve : Perhaps even an entirely separate consortium of administrators-teachers-parents.
10:35 lnitsche : We need to find ways to invite them into using the technology- they are not familiar with it
10:36 justinreeve : No, they're not
10:36 somotch8-2 : when we began think.com parents had to read and sign permission slips
10:36 justinreeve : A new school in the area is doing away with textbooks. I mentioned it to my parents, and they were flabbergasted and instantly against the idea of not having textbooks in a classroom.
10:37 justinreeve : Even though they themselves know the power of audiobooks because they listen to them all the time, and they use the Internet frequently, they just didn't connect the dots.
10:37 lnitsche : They only know what they have experienced in school
10:37 justinreeve : If the parents, who are naturally fearful of progressive technology, are not aware of the advantages they WILL resist it.
10:38 lnitsche : The question of grading- is there a rubric?
10:38 lnitsche : What do all of you do with your student blogs?
10:38 jabernethy-1 : I've found that way more parents are wowed and on-board with the tech than those against
10:38 justinreeve : Right. And that's okay, because it worked for them. But really THEY'RE the stakeholders we're supposedly looking out for, since they're the ones who have the complaining power.
10:38 justinreeve : Oh, sure they are. When given the chance, most of them will love the idea of having tech-savvy students.
10:39 jabernethy-1 : in 10 years of having a website and progressively going more tech, I have only had 2 parents complain
10:39 justinreeve : But the parents need to be given learning opportunities so they can first be enlightened. That's the first step.
10:39 jabernethy-1 : one parent moved his kid from my class, because he didn't understand why i would need internet to teach about 50 states
10:40 justinreeve : Perhaps rather than just having parents sign permission slips to let students blogs, the teachers should invite all parents to class one day and just demonstrate the cool stuff they'll be doing
10:40 jabernethy-1 : the parent actually had something to hide (his kid)--complicated
10:40 justinreeve : That's unfortunate.
10:40 somotch8-2 : not every there are always a few students that don't have access at home and that is a problem for no texts at all
10:40 jabernethy-1 : i send bookmark of website home with kids day one and permission slip
10:40 justinreeve : depends on what pedagogy you're using
10:41 lnitsche : Does anyone have any questions to ask Zach?
10:41 justinreeve : this particular school is an expeditionary learning school, so all their classwork is hands-on
10:41 jabernethy-1 : Just tell him jabernethy says hi!
10:41 jabernethy-1 : very cool!
10:41 justinreeve : haha you're famous!
10:41 justinreeve : comments can be moderated
10:42 loonyhiker : i don't moderate comments on my teacher blog and only had 1 spamming comment in almost a year
10:42 justinreeve : teachers should be able to moderate all student blogs
10:42 somotch8-2 : our tcis checks the blog and can flag content and have the student remove
10:42 loonyhiker : that's a good idea @justinreeve
10:42 justinreeve : this is why I wouldn't recommend sending students to a site like Blogger or WordPress or Typepad
10:42 justinreeve : use Edublogs, 21Classes, or Think.com :)
10:42 somotch8-2 : right
10:43 justinreeve : I like the idea of outsourcing the service, because it alleviates some responsibility from the district.
10:43 justinreeve : if you host your own student blogging service, suddenly the district becomes responsible for the content.
10:44 somotch8-2 : thanks Zack!
10:44 justinreeve : But if a teacher picks a site, the district can say they don't officially endorse it, and the teacher becomes responsible
10:44 lnitsche : www.freedomwritersfoundation.org
10:48 lnitsche : What fun. Thanks for joining us Jan.
10:48 somotch8-2 : that was a great community collab idea
10:48 lnitsche : And it right in the backyard of the school!
10:49 jabernethy : whole new mind is AWESOME on audio
10:49 cnelson-2 : I was involved with that!!
10:49 cnelson-2 : so cool
10:49 somotch8-2 : I will check that out
10:50 somotch8-2 : Did you know? is what got my school excited
10:50 jabernethy : link to Project S.C.A.T. http://cyberchickens26.blogspot.com/
10:51 justinreeve : Bud is awesome
10:51 justinreeve : Here's his web site: http://www.budtheteacher.com
10:52 lnitsche : What do you include in your student blogging guidelines?
10:53 loonyhiker : hate to run but i gotta get some lunch now. thanks for streaming this!
10:53 justinreeve : where is this web site again?
10:53 lnitsche : http://kti2008.wikispaces.com/Blogs_4_Reflection
10:54 jgates513 : hello to all! wish I could be there!
10:55 lnitsche : Hello Jim!
10:55 jgates513 : hi LInda
10:55 lnitsche : You are here...virtually
10:55 jgates513 : but I have to run now - STEM preso this afternoon
10:55 lnitsche : Have fun!
10:55 jgates513 : thanks - you too
11:00 khokanson-1 : hey all thanks for hanging in there
11:00 somotch8-2 : thanks for sharing this has been great so far :)
11:04 somotch8-2 : netiquette links for online blogging were helpful for my students
11:04 jabernethy : Thanks, Kristin! Please give a shout out to Kelly Mott from Greenville. She's in the room right now.
11:06 lnitsche : @somotch8-2 Can you include the links you used?
11:06 somotch8-2 : I will get them now
11:06 lnitsche : Thanks!
11:10 justinreeve : gotta run to a school. Thanks everyone!
11:10 somotch8-2 : http://www.albion.com/netiquette/ this is one of them
11:11 jabernethy : link to a blog with projects my kids did for cyber bullying: http://stopcyberbully.blogspot.com/
11:12 lnitsche : Thanks everyone for the links.
11:14 somotch8-2 : also http://www.bewabeware.ca/english/default.aspx
11:15 lnitsche : The last link is not working for me. Can you check it?
11:15 cnelson-2 : Durff uses Class Blogmeister.
11:16 cnelson-2 : Edublogs now offers teachers student space for class blogs too
11:16 jconger : cool because my district only likes Edublogs
11:16 cnelson-2 : I havent used it though
11:16 somotch8-2 : sorry link error- should be http://www.bewebeware.ca/english/default.aspx
11:18 jabernethy : still doesn't work
11:19 lnitsche : Any last questions out there?
11:19 somotch8-2 : sorry http://www.bewebaware.ca/english/default.aspx
11:20 somotch8-2 : hopefully that works
11:20 lnitsche : Yes it does. Thank you very much.
11:20 somotch8-2 : Yeah! that site is much better
11:20 jconger : Yes... the link works. What is the link for the wikispace for the conference?
11:22 lnitsche : Thank you everyone for joining us!
11:22 somotch8-2 : great
11:22 jabernethy : tell them sure for a fee
11:23 jconger : Keep twittering the links for the sessions!