Video Streaming

Monday Sessions 2 & 4
John Gregorich
Matt Dancho

In this session, participants will be exposed to videostreaming sites such as,, and Emphasis will be placed on: searching for content, embedding video clips, using video clips in the classroom, and converting videos to alternate formats.

NOTE: Upon further investigation with copyright on, copying videos is a violation of their copyright agreement. You are strongly encouraged to ask your tech coordinator at your school to unblock for your use so that the videos may be embedded. You may also elect to contact the author of the video and ask for permission to copy their video for use in the classroom.

Videos shown in the PowerPoint presentation:

1. Nick Pitera singing "A Whole New World" from the Disney Animated Feature "Aladdin"

2. Math Trick for Multiplying Numbers

3. Where the Hell is Matt (2008)

4. Zach Kim playing the theme to "The Simpsons"

Here are a few fun YouTube Videos that were embedded during the workshop:

Videostreaming sites:

File Conversion Sites and Downloads