Introduction to 2nd life...
Virtually presented from CCIU on secondlife:
RL: Diane Thomson SL: Daisy Sunnyside,
RL: Sarah Vone SL: Jade Cherry
RL: Kristin Hokanson SL: Karra Constantine

Overview of basic SL features. 9:45 - 10:15 a.m. (30 minutes)
PLEASE NOTE: Presenters and onsite support will be the only one logged in during this time.
What we will learn...
- movement, camera controls, environment settings, audio controls, Inventory, Teleporting, Groups, chat, Map (how to get back home) Appearance, login instructions
Avatars login: teleport to Green Skypark, practice what was covered in the overview (10 minutes)
PLEASE NOTE: We will be working with our own avatars during second life...

Open Inventory, Open Landmark Folder - teleport to
Teleport to Land of Lincoln 10:15 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. go to Encampment area for overview of Sim with Daisyblue Hefferman . Explore for (25 minutes). Return to encampment area for open discussion about Sim.

Open Inventory, Open Landmark Folder - teleport to Sistine Chapel (10: 45 - 10:50) (10 minutes)

Teleport Home: Explore the CCIU building (**CCIU Virtual Educational Service Center** is located on EduIsland at location 27, 237, 29) - let them know they are welcome to join our EdTech group with their own avatars and visit us anytime.
(10:50 - 11:30)
Give instructions/ tips for exploring EduIsland (five different EduIsland's)
Places of interest:
Dsicovery Ed. (DEN)
NASA Launching Pad
Take an Automated Island Tour
Find the Life Size Chess board and other games

Use the Search feature to find ISTE Island and explore SIM.

Avatar Information

Participants will use the following avatars:

First Name Last Name Password

CCIUM1 Hotshot cciuerdts
CCIUM2 " "
CCIUM3 " "
CCIUM4 " "
CCIUM5 " "
CCIUM6 " "
CCIUM7 " "
CCIUM8 " "


CCIUF3 Hotshot cciuerdts
CCIUF4 " "
CCIUF7 " "
CCIUF8 " "
CCIUF9 " "
CCIUF11 " "
CCIUF21 " "