8:10 – 8:30

Intro to PPD Project

Share and Connect

Ultimate goal for PPD: Share useful professional development content for educators.

"Rock Star Speech" We need others to learn from our successes and failures. Introduce the PPD project as one means to make this happen. Share several examples of content examples.
8:30 - 8:50


1.) KTI Interview
2.) Multi-media Action Plan
3.) Share a lesson idea

Review Challenges with KTIs

Clicking on podcast.gifwill automatically subscribe you to a podcast in iTunes.
Once you are subscribed, each new podcasts will automatically be downloaded when you launch iTunes.

(Also can be found on ED Hub)*
8:50 - 9:20

What tool to use?
-a few suggestions.

  • Audacity
  • Movie Maker
  • iMovie Demo
  • Garage Band
  • Flip Camera
  • Screencasting

Decide what tools to use to create podcast.

Small hands on sessions based on interest and skill level of participants. Facilitators can split up and walk KTIs through tutorials as needed. Groups can discuss what tool(s) that would like to use.

A Few Online Resources
9:20 - 9:50

Discuss Copyright

Quality Control

Review: Copyright, Fair Use and PPD Checklist

Brief discussion on copyright and point to additional resources.

Discuss PPD checklist for quality and the chance to be published on the EdHub.
9:50 - 10:00


10:00 - 11:20

Work on Challenge

Create Podcast

Provide guidance and support as needed. Help participants pull in the pictures they took during the week and to enhance their interview and multi-media action plan.

Click here for Music resources.
Click here for SoundzAbound.
Click here for Chroma Key information.
11:20 - 12:20

Lunch and Checkout

12:20 - 1:30

Complete Projects

Upload Content to PPD Server

Uploading Podcasts

Usernames: <first name><last name>
example: John Smith ~ johnsmith

Password: These will be provided to you by your group leader.

Demo of uploading content to the PPD server and allow KTIs to upload

Click here if you have any questions about using Audacity.

Screencast Podcast Series
1:30 - 2:00

Group Meeting


Dismiss to Wrap up Session

Regroup with your Small Group Facilitators

Wrap up is located in Amphitheatre (Ice Cream and Group Picture Location) unless it is raining then it will be in Rooke Chem Auditorium


Click here to submit your podcast to the Keystones Podcast Server!

To learn more about creating podcasts check out the training materials page