Moodle: Bring the 21st century to you classroom

Jason Heiser

Ever wish your students could collaborate with one another using chatrooms, blog, join and participate in a discussion board but can't because of CIPA or AUP? Bring these great features and so much more to your 21st century classroom in a safe and secure environment using Moodle.

Link: Moodle



For the Grouping

Web links for other free Moodle stuff:

Moodle plugins and Modules At this link there are a variety of plug-ins and Modules that are available for Moodle. Pass on the ones you like to you network administrator to unlook the power of Moodle.

Moodle Book Look under Book download section of this link and you'll be able to download a free version of the book in a PDF format.

Attendees will be given a username and password to follow long and explore the features of Moodle.

HTML document:

As mentioned in the session you can incorporate html into your Moodle to get the formatting you want. For this document download it and open it in your Explorer browser. When it opens select the View > Source and you see all the source code which can be copied directly into you Moodle space. Remember you need to select the <> button from the edit menu in Moodle to get the desired effect... Before I forget it can be used in Wiki as well if you click the widget button and then other html. Any questions, I'll be available virtually!!!!

Update 8/4 The Moodle I used in the presentation last week will be up for 2 months. Please feel free to email me if you want a username and password to check it out!