Google Earth: The Next Level

Jason Heiser

In this session we will be, taking a 21st centruy approach to Google Earth and move away from the traditional 20th century create and present approach. Learn to ho turn a basic Google Earth tour into a self-guided, interactive, media rich learning experience.

Links to Google Earth tours shown during presentation:

Teacher Created tour (Lewis and Clark)
Student Created tour (Manhattan)
Math tour (Distance)

Tour of Lewisburg file:

Tags page:


Web 2.0 resources:

SlideShare service allows you to upload and embed PPT. Service has an embed code function, this code can be pasted into Google Earth.


Links to additional ideas and other Google resources:

Juicy Geography - this resource has some ideas and downloads to view. All grades levels and many subject areas as is... others ideas may need tweaked
Google Earth: Education Community - has link to many different tours and ideas for tours. Art, Literature, Science, History are represented here..
Google Earth and GeoScience - has ideas for Science as well as hacks, plugins, and other worthwhile resources about GE. Some info is a little outdated but most is still relevant. More geared to HS but could easily adapt these to lower grades.
GoogeLit Trips - Take a trip with characters from literary works. Kmz files are downloadable and are useful to grades k-12.
Google Earth Lessons - Many ideas for teachers as well as how to videos.. Useful for all grade levels.
Mapping Initiatives - This is more of a look and see what you can do with Google Earth and Screen capture software. Click the video to see how the museum uses this technology. Appropriate for Middle and High School.

* Will be posting audio from my session