Creating Curricular Wikis


Wiki! Wiki! Wiki! Simple websites called wikis can transform your curriculum to a living, flexible thing. In this session we'll work in teams to create classroom-ready resources for you and your students. You’ll return in August with a website that grows with each year.



  • Wikis are quick - you can open them and start editing right away
  • They're accessible from anywhere
  • You can password protect them
  • You can give students access to ADD content
  • You can embed photos, movies, even Google Docs
  • You can share your content with other classes and other teachers

Example Wikis

external image 20080723-qns4xmngu7t3su5dpnu9gxa5jm.jpg
Keystone Staffers Jason and Ian's History Tours wiki

external image 20080723-dgw2jrfxcdjyt2uytn7mq11cbm.jpgexternal image 20080723-dige6k9tqteqj3b74trw859u2m.jpgexternal image 20080723-npqnygb2x9csder25r4fsgf96b.jpgexternal image 20080723-nxphudqyxqwcamc8d818g61nb9.jpgexternal image 20080723-g9ar54twgnyw7ky83kbid3xmef.jpg
Classrooms for the Future Wikis

external image 20080723-k7eeutdu9kqnws5ta7dp2j5kaf.jpgexternal image 20080723-p6fms61fdqrsu2d3i217pjwk4n.jpgexternal image 20080723-kyi1pej7et7uqp7y8aq3sjq74y.jpg

Some of Chris Champion's Class Wikis

More Examples

District CommunicationGettingConnected_»_home.jpg
Classroom Collaboration
Global Issues
KTI Action Plan from CyberChickens
Collaboration on course contentSciTechCourse_»_home.jpg
Classroom Projects
District CurriculumUMASD_»_home.jpg
Connecting the State MorpheusFortuna_»_home.jpg
Goin g Global

Resources for folks new to wikis
Wikispaces Educational Wiki Archive

Create Your Own!

These are some of the sites that our KTIs are working on