Blogs are blooming in schools as teachers and students realize the powerful learning potential in reflective writing. Read, write, analyzing reflect. Explore new literacies and discover how creating and sustaining communities of learners through blogging are transforming classrooms and creating reflective writers around the globe.

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Teacher directed / student response
Student Driven
Let's talk to Mr. Chase
Zac's Professional Blog
Information on Freedom Writer's Foundation
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Samples from SLA
REALLY student driven

Bring in the Experts
Jan Abernethy's CyberChickens

Blogging Guidelines
What are some things that you would like to see included in a student guideline for blogging…discuss with a neighbor and add your ideas to the wiki.
Let's Talk to Bud the Teacher
Bud Hunt has a great wiki with all kinds of resources for creating guidelines for working with students...

We will be adding our ideas to this page...

To grade or not to grade…

This has been a topic of concern for teachers, parents and administrators.
How can we incorporate self-evaluation and peer-evaluation as part of the process?
How can we as teachers see and evaluate growth in student writing and thinking?

What kind of privacy settings will you use?

Who can see the student blogs?

Who can post comments? Just that class, any of your students, or anyone at all?

Read this document on Scribd: How to Grow a Blog