We must be part of the solution: becoming advocates for what we do within our personal comfort level. This presentation will take participants through multi-layered activities that help each individual determine their advocacy comfort level: PSA projects for students, parental involvement, personal contact with district administrators, advocacy contact with community legislators.



Definition of Advocacy

Definition of Lobbying


Digital Storytelling

Developing 21st Century Skills

Podcasting in the Classroom

Definition of a Public Service Announcement


Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent

Learning to Change - Changing to Learn

To Contact Elected Officials

DEN Blog Network

===The Plan


What the heck is advocacy, anyway?
Who is an advocate?
Why be an advocate?
What’s a PSA?
How do I turn my student’s work into a PSA without lots of extra effort?
What are you already doing (and might not have thought had ‘other’ impact)?

Next steps
what are you willing to do (have you ever sent a letter to an elected official; called the local office of an elected official; attended a 'town hall' meeting in your community; spoken up at a school board meeting; spoken your mind at a faculty meeting...
what do you need to do it...
who might help you do it...